WMS Disaster Recovery

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If you think that "data backup" is the same as "disaster recovery," you're not alone.  You might have a false sense of security because you are diligently backing up your files, but if a disaster hits, you will need to replace your server, reinstall the software, load the restored backup data…it could take up to a week or longer for your warehouse to become operational again.  Data backup simply means a copy of your data is saved to another device or location. What really matters is how fast your backup solution will get your warehouse up and running after a disaster. A cloud-based disaster recovery solution will get you back to business in as little as four hours.

Foxfire WMS Disaster Recovery

What happens when your server won't boot up? Or a natural disaster strikes? Or you have a major power failure? What if that "backup" never actually backed-up at all? Let's face it - things happen. And when it comes to your warehouse management software, data, and other critical business applications, those things can be devastating. For small and medium-sized warehouse companies, an IT failure can destroy a business – through the inability to operate, loss of critical documents, failure to deliver parts, a massive hit to the reputation, and, ultimately, the loss of customers.

Benefits of WMS Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

  • Protect your warehouse against natural disasters, power loss, human error, or equipment failure
  • Enable rapid restart of your WMS at an alternative site
  • Reduce complexity of configuration management for backup data and systems
  • Cut capital costs of disaster recovery provision
  • Allow for more frequent disaster recovery systems testing
  • Allow core processes of a warehouse to be executed from anywhere

Recover your warehouse management software and data in hours...not days...thanks to the Cloud

Where traditional approaches lack the flexibility and efficiency of virtualization, requiring manual time-consuming backup and restoral processes or complex server failover configurations, Foxfire WMS cloud-based disaster recovery solution gets you back to business quickly, in as little as four hours. While we will work with you to design a custom disaster recovery plan and server restoral schedule based on your warehouse's needs, we also provide guidelines and real-world scenarios to give you an idea of how quickly you could be up and running after a disaster strikes.

With Foxfire WMS cloud-based disaster recovery solution, small and medium-sized warehouse companies can have the same disaster recovery reliability and robustness larger companies already enjoy. There is no reason why your warehouse should not be able to verify the integrity of your data and quickly access your systems, business-critical data, and warehouse applications in the event of the unexpected.

Security and reliability of your warehouse management software (WMS) data

With Foxfire WMS disaster recovery solution, your data are safe on servers installed in world-class facilities designed to keep your infrastructure safe and available 24x7x365.  Security, redundancy, and reliability are in place to protect your critical data from being unavailable or corrupted due to unexpected power outages, connectivity issues, or physical and/or network security issues. Imagine that a snowstorm or hurricane knocks out power – you can still be in business.

Contact Foxfire today to set-up a personalized disaster recovery plan for your warehouse management software and data.

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