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Our Mission

Foxfire's mission is to be the leading best of breed provider of Warehouse Management Software in the world. Foxfire operates under the simple principle that we listen to our customers and provide the technologies they need to make their operations more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Foxfire's sole purpose is to provide valuable WMS systems for our clients that fuel profitable Foxfire growth.

When looking for Warehousing Software, consider Foxfire's credentials:

  • Business Challenge - Foxfire provides warehousing software for distribution and manufacturing that can be integrated into a totally seamless system for your company. Additionally, Foxfire provides the necessary tools for Quick Response strategies from your suppliers to your customers through state-of-the-art communication software and Internet applications.
  • Qualifications - Foxfire is dedicated to providing the most efficient implementation process with a team of highly-qualified logistics professionals. Each project team has expertise in software, project management, design, warehouse management and engineering, logistics applications, and strategy.
  • Compliance - Foxfire meets all major retailer UCC 128 shipping label and ASN compliance requirements.
  • Fast Track Implementation - Foxfire WMS software can be easily configured to meet most manufacturing and distribution needs with minimal customization. Generally, projects will be implemented in 3 to 6 months depending upon the complexity of the job and the client's level of participation.
  • Turnkey Solution - Foxfire provides software, hardware, support and all supplies needed to implement the Foxfire WMS Software packages.
  • Background & Experience - Since 1987, Foxfire has implemented manufacturing and distribution solutions for large and small companies. Foxfire works with clients to identify their business requirements that will transform them into a world-class operation and position them to grow profitably employing advanced technologies.
  • Partner Alliances and User Community - Foxfire implements systems working with a variety of material handling, equipment companies, and consulting firms. Throughout each project, Foxfire works with these partners to ensure systems reliability and seamless integration. Many of the standard features of Foxfire Warehouse Management Software originated with suggestions offered by user groups, clients, or industry leaders in the fields of manufacturing and logistics.
  • Customer Support - Foxfire offers several software maintenance options, including 24/7 support. Maintenance customers receive priority attention, free software updates, and reduced rates for service or custom modification.
  • Research & Development - Foxfire is committed to developing new products and services and to also increase the features of our core products. Some of the areas of our current R&D are: operating systems, RFID, ePC, Pocket PC, RFID tag technology, hardware and software scanning technologies, and new and improved picking technologies.

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