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Foxfire offers flexible, proven Warehouse Management Software solutions for distribution operations that want to:

Which WMS Product is Right for My Organization?

View the individual product pages for details on each WMS solution.

Use the WMS Software Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator (registration required) to see how much your warehouse can save with Foxfire WMS solutions. Take a second to enter your warehousing data and quickly assess your potential ROI on your WMS system. To gain free access to this easy-to-use tool, register now.

Our WMS Products

Foxfire provides companies with two types of WMS software solutions to meet all price points and warehousing and inventory needs. Additionally, Foxfire WMS is designed to be scalable so that it can easily be upgraded to different types as needed.

Customers have the convenience of buying or renting (monthly payment plan/SaaS*) Foxfire WMS. Foxfire will also consider providing special financing for customers and projects on a case-by-case basis.

WMS Enterprise

Foxfire WMS Enterprise is highly configurable and customizable and built to address specific warehousing and inventory needs. Customers receive a full business process review and complex WMS processes, such as serialization, multiple allocate rules, and multiple wave types as well as complete integration with ERP and existing shipping/manifest systems.  Foxfire WMS Enterprise is the clear choice for mid to large-scale warehouse operations with expansive inventory.

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Take a quick tour of the Foxfire WMS AutoDemo (registration required) to get a glimpse of our software. To gain free access to this easy-to-use tool, register now.

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