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Based off $62 Million in Sales Per Month Current w/Foxfire WMS Projected $ Sales Improvement Per Month
Inventory$2 million$1.78 million$220,000
Service Rate80%95%$930,000

Test drive the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator (registration required) to see how much your organization can save in the short term as well as long term. In just a few minutes, you can enter your company's data into the XLS spreadsheet and see an output similar to the chart below. Enter your data and quickly assess your situation and potential ROI. To gain free access to this easy-to-use tool, registration is required. Register now.

Less than 30 percent of warehouses are efficient today. A Warehouse Management Software creates value through building consistency, accountability, and efficiency. The payback is there for every warehouse through increased efficiency, reduced inventory shrinkage, and reduced errors and chargebacks. The investment barrier of $1M per warehouse to put in a WMS system has been prohibitive. 30% of WMS system fail, 42% are over budget, and 52% take longer than anticipated. Foxfire's packaged approach to warehouse management takes the guesswork out of WMS. Through Foxfire's packaged approach and right size pricing, we guarantee that the Foxfire WMS will get installed on time and on budget so you can get to the WMS value that your organization needs.

In an effort to streamline this process and make it easier for you to determine your potential Return on Investment (ROI), Foxfire offers savings and efficiencies, an ROI calculator, and customer stories. We hope you find the information and links below helpful in determining your opportunities and assessing your savings.

Download the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator now.

Savings and Efficiencies

Implementation of a WMS will improve operating efficiencies via:
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Improved order fulfillment
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage
Improved efficiencies free up cash to support growth objectives:
  • Improved operating cash flow provides for investment
  • Cash no longer tied up in idle inventory
  • Heightened inventory visibility will identify profit margin detractors
Project investment recovered in 3 months from Foxfire customer:
  • Increased sales from fulfillment: Increase of $560,000 in monthly sales
  • Profit returns from eliminated shrinkage: $164,000 per month
  • Net operating improvements: $276,000 per month

Customer Stories

Warehouse Management
Intertape Polymer Group wins Productivity Achievement Award
WMS/DCCS at Carter's Children's Clothes
WMS/DCCS at Intertape Polymer Group

Download the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator now.

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