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Foxfire has a team of trained service professionals with more than 100 years of industry experience in Warehouse Management Software and on-site consulting. The Foxfire services organization is top in the industry and known for its excellent customer service and industry experience. Our first priority is to help our clients efficiently and effectively implement our technology-based solutions while establishing and/or improving Best Practices and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our clients. Foxfire's goal is to help clients achieve maximum value from the Foxfire solution.

At Foxfire, our delivery mechanism to help our clients accomplish these goals is an implementation methodology called Trailblazer. Trailblazer is specific to Foxfire and aligns with the principles of the Project Management Institute. Trailblazer focuses on the following key components for our solution implementations:

  • People: People come first for our clients and within Foxfire. Foxfire strives to understand our client's needs through building relationships between our team members, and Foxfire strives to provide the very best resources to our clients.
  • Processes: In the initial stages of the project, Foxfire works with the client to determine which business processes will be touched by the solution implementation. We work with our clients to look at the best ways to accomplish the processes within the technology and we identify the financial business improvements that will be achieved. Documenting and standardizing business processes provides a means to attain project success.
  • Data: Foxfire's solutions help our clients collect, manage and utilize data. Trailblazer is focused on the idea of deploying a solution that aligns with our client's financial goals with a keen focus on capturing information to enable faster and better decisions. If transactional dataReplica Louboutin Replica Christian Louboutin collect is not easily accessible to report, the solution is not providing business value. Data from our solutions should provide ways for management to measure and take action to improve the business.
  • Systems: Foxfire's software is a key component to every projects success. Through collaboration with our clients, Foxfire strives to provide systems that deliver the maximum amount of functionality and value with the minimum amount of overhead. Foxfire is committed to providing industry leading functionality, technology, and value.
  • Value: If there is no financial reason or positive financial impact in a new technology solution, then a project should not be attempted. Foxfire focuses on delivering value.

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Methodology Overview

The Foxfire project implementation Trailblazer methodology was developed from best practices extracted from over 20 years of implementations. The five major phases, founded on principles of Project Management Institute (PMI), include: Define, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Improve.

The five phases of the Trailblazer implementation methodology are:

  • Define—Project definition is all about discovering and documenting what, when, why and how through a brief discovery process where Foxfire and the client work collaboratively to uncover the Warehouse Management Software needs and solution value. The result of the WMS define phase is a document that provides a project estimate, project timeline and statement of expected value based on limited time working together.
  • Design—Project design involves coming up with a detailed design specification that identifies what modules of the Foxfire warehouse management software will be deployed and specifically how the Foxfire technology integrates with other client business systems. Project design also includes identifying any key data elements that need to be converted into Foxfire as well as the WMS businesses reporting requirements and any custom coding outside the core Foxfire WMS system. The main deliverable from the design phase of any project is a design specification that clearly identifies what the solution will consist of when completed. Steps involved in design include installing a test instance of the warehouse management software, conducting core team training to the core client design team members, and working with the client's core team to develop a detailed design specification for the warehouse management software. The output of the design phase is the design specification. The results of the design phase include clearly aligned expectations between the client and Foxfire as well as an accurate estimate for the project based on the scope in the design specification.
  • Develop—The development phase of the project is all about execution of the design specification documented in the design phase. The develop phase includes working with the client to iteratively build, review, and test several versions of the design specification. Specific tasks may include product configuration, development, testing, and a conference room pilot. The result of the develop phase is a fully functional, tested, and approved instance of Foxfire consistent with the design specification. Upon completion, the Foxfire warehouse management software system is ready for end user deployment.
  • Deploy—Deployment consists of rolling the new approved software out to the end users and providing the right amount of training and go live assistance. Foxfire offers a number of training mediums including onsite, classroom, video, and web-based training. Foxfire encourages role based training with end users so they get the right training at the right time. Foxfire also supplements training with onsite go-live assistance and handholding. The result of deployment is a live warehouse management software system that has a high degree of user acceptance.
  • Improve—Constant improvement is key to maximizing Foxfire's total value. After three-months, a Trailblazer project manager schedules an audit with the client to evaluate the initial startup and determine what other improvements can be made to maximize WMS software benefits.

For more information on Trailblazer, or to schedule a consultant to come to your site, please contact Foxfire today. We have numerous reps and service personnel in the field and can quickly assess your needs.

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