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Training & Technical Support

Along with software and hardware, consulting and implementation, Foxfire offers training and technical support to complete its solution offering. Training and technical support are key components to a Warehouse Management Software installation, and Foxfire's technical services team is instrumental in this phase of the project. Foxfire offers start-up training programs on-site, as well as refresher classes for new or existing employees at our SC headquarters. Listed below is additional information regarding Training and Technical Support.


The Foxfire training program is intense and includes project-specific training of employees. Training is conducted by role in a small hands-on environment. Optional formal classroom training is also available and is recommended by Foxfire. The objective of training is to deliver a set of training materials and conduct several training sessions for management and supervisory personnel who are responsible for operating the system. Components of training include:

  1. Training managers and supervisors
  2. Assisting the client in training the material-handling employees
  3. Preparation and presentation of quick-start user manuals and training aids
  4. On-site training and re-training support during "Go-Live"

During Go-Live, there is on-site support, which later transitions into telephone remote support. Steps included during Go-Live training are:

  1. Setting up employee security access codes
  2. Executing the conversion and start-up plan to include outstanding picks, lost/found inventory, etc.
  3. Conducting physical inventory and reconciling physical and host inventory records
  4. Assisting in conversion and start-up with post implementation support

Technical Support

Technical support is leveraged by Foxfire customers to optimize their knowledge, increase efficiency, and to quickly problem solve difficult situations. And as many of our customers run three shifts per day around the clock, our tech support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to telephone support and analysis of problems, users experience other great benefits when purchasing and maintaining a maintenance subscription, including:

  • 24 hours/day, 7 days/week support available
  • Free telephone consultation with technical staff
  • Priority access to technicians
  • Free software releases of licensed product as made available by Foxfire
  • Free software upgrades of licensed product to fix system defects
  • Free documentation updates as released by Foxfire
  • Reduced contract service rates:
    • Installation support and user training
    • Project management and systems consulting
    • Recovery from operational errors
    • Custom modifications analysis/programming

Technical support (maintenance) is purchased by subscription and renews each calendar year. If you would like additional information about subscribing to technical support and entering into a maintenance agreement, please contact Foxfire. There are many benefits, and we can have you reaping the benefits as soon as today.

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