Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Management Software

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Foxfire provides Warehouse Management Software to support distribution and manufacturing operations. As a certified Microsoft solution provider, Foxfire warehousing software solutions include Windows-based client, web, and mobile applications to support real-time tracking needs. Foxfire warehousing software products are designed to collect and report data generated on the production floor and in the distribution center. These WMS systems provide immediate real time information to floor-level employees, supervisors, and upper-level management so they may more efficiently operate their facility and meet delivery and production goals at lower costs.

Level 1: WMS Express

Level 2: WMS Enterprise

Foxfire WMS systems can interface with client information systems like ERP and MRP, and material handling equipment (MHE) technologies provide more timely and accurate information. Foxfire utilizes the latest in mobile computing, barcoding, and RFID technology to deliver world class solutions.

As a result of its significant research investments, Foxfire has developed and continues to improve warehousing software products for distribution operations and manufacturing environments. These products are available as PC LAN-based running an MS Windows platform or SaaS models, utilizing the most current database and high-speed data communications technologies. Web-based features continue to be developed for Foxfire's products to facilitate supply chain execution and collaboration with suppliers and customers for commerce and tracking products/orders.

Foxfire Warehouse Management Software

Foxfire WMS is a full-function Warehouse Management Software and Distribution Control Center System supporting real-time, supply chain, order-fulfillment activities. Foxfire WMS uses wireless high-speed communications technology to direct employees in all aspects of warehousing operations, including completing tasks of highest priority. The unique product features of Foxfire's warehousing software include:

  • functionality for multiple warehouses
  • third party logistics providers (3PL)
  • advanced shipment notification
  • picking
  • product preparation
  • standard shipping label compliance
  • interfacing to automation hardware such as conveyors and pick-to-light systems

In today's warehousing and distribution centers, everyone is looking for a better ROI. Some of the best ways to increase productivity and save expenses are to analyze operations and implement Warehouse Management Software. Maybe you have a legacy WMS system and are looking to replace it with a WMS system based on current technology. Or, you could have new warehouses or are part of an organization that has grown to the point where you can't afford not to implement warehousing software.

  • Ship orders on time and with required advanced electronic shipment notifications (ASN).
  • Control the movement and storage of materials while processing associated transactions.
  • Direct and optimize stock putaway based on real-time information related to bin utilization.
  • Reduce dependencies on personal memory for inventory locations and better track inventory.
  • Utilize "Auto ID" & "Data Capture" technology, including barcode scanners, mobile computers, and wireless LANs to efficiently monitor the flow of inventory.
  • Use RF equipment to dynamically assign tasks to employees, in priority sequence, as they are directed to or created by the system.

For more information, see our Warehouse Management Software section or register to download our WMS Software Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to see how much your warehouse can save by implementing a WMS system.

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