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Level 2 - Warehouse Management Express

With Foxfire's WMS Express, warehouse management software, users receive a preconfigured version of Foxfire's award-winning Warehouse Management Software that is scaled for rapid deployment. The WMS Express solution contains a pre-configuration template to help users quickly and effectively make system decisions. Also included in WMS Express is a rapid implementation service plan that includes on-site and off-site assistance so an experienced Foxfire professional is with you every step of the way.

Foxfire's goal is to provide a no hassle, fixed-scope initial Warehouse Management Software project that creates quick success. Foxfire's technology is used by some of the world's largest, most sophisticated warehouses so you are assured that you have room to grow.

In as little as 45 days, Foxfire's WMS Express warehousing software solution can get your warehouse up and running with a real time wireless solution. WMS Express is designed for those clients that want to get up and running as quickly as possible, especially small to mid-size warehousing operations and those wanting to invest in a pilot program.

For a complete list of WMS Express functionality, please view our WMS Express Functionality Summary. From this guide, you can see the features included in WMS Express — the fast-track Warehouse Management Software Solution as well as the functionality in our full application, Foxfire WMS Software.

Foxfire also offers our WMS software solutions using a Software as a Service (SaaS) format. Also known as "on-demand" software, this model allows users to spread out the initial capital investment using a monthly payment plan option without involving third-party leasing providers. Foxfire can include all replica Rolex Yachtmaster components of your warehouse management software solution for one monthly rate to help you avoid the traditional frontloaded investment required to purchase a WMS system. If this interests you, please visit our Software as a Service page for additional information.

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Benefits associated with Foxfire WMS Express include:

  • An increase in labor efficiencies and productivity in the warehouse
  • Complete traceability of all inventory movement inside the warehouse
  • Compliance with label requirements
  • Increased efficiencies in putaway and inventory movements through task management
  • Near perfect inventory accuracy at all times
  • Use of 'state of the art' software technology for better information access
  • Increased throughput of processing orders
  • Ability to know where all orders are in the process - in real time
  • Near perfect order fulfillment without errors

Best of all, Foxfire has a Fixed Fee, Fixed Scope model for the WMS Express standard implementation, and customization is not needed. Users are ready to roll and utilize the fully functional system on the day they go live.

The WMS Express software functionality is easy to use and includes the following modules and pre-configuration:

  • Receiving
  • Put Away
  • Inventory Management
  • Picking
  • Cycle Counting
  • Shipping
  • Labeling

WMS Express Inbound Functionality

  • Receiving: PO UI receiving (includes QC audit) or ASN
  • Put Away: directed and non-directed
  • Material Handling: move, view, build pallet
  • Cycle Counting: manual (not scheduled)
  • Inventory Management: Create, void, adjustments (pre-config reason)
  • Standard Reporting and Labeling (standard UCC format)

WMS Express Outbound Functionality

  • Waving: piece pick, bulk/reserve, bulk/reserve/piece
  • Batching: package, piece, and replenishment
  • RF Picking: LPN, package and piece picking
  • RF Replenishment to Pick Lanes: min/max and on demand
  • Shipping: consolidation, load maint (standard VICS/Master BOL), and UPS small package

WMS Express Interfaces

  • Standard Host Export to WMS System
    • Receipt orders, pick tickets, SKU, ASN, comments, addresses using standard API only
  • Standard WMS System Export to Host
    • Receipt confirmations, adjustments, pick ticket shipments, load shipments, physical inventory
  • Machine automation: Interfaces currently not included with WMS Express Standard Scope. Can be done with extra investment during WMS Express or as a phase two after WMS Express is complete.

Download the Warehousing Sanity Check White Paper to see how your warehouse stacks up to technology and industry demands or schedule a live demo to see Foxfire WMS Express in more detail.

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