Warehouse Management Software Demos

WMS Software Demos

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Foxfire offers a number of items to download and review, making your warehousing software solution decision-making process easier. Listed below is a variety of brochures, demos, system overviews, and videos. Some of these items require a quick registration to review the content, while other items like brochures may be accessed without registration. We hope you find what you need. And, if not, please submit feedback and let us know how we can do better.


WMS Software Dashboard

Foxfire WMS Software Demo New!

Take a quick tour of Foxfire WMS. Watch as the narrator shows you a 3-minute WMS product overview including key functionality needed in a warehouse or distribution center. Product areas demonstrated include the dashboard, receiving, put away, allocation, picking, and shipping. See how businesses use Foxfire WMS to optimize inventory levels, increase order fulfillment rates, and reduce cycle times.

Level 1: Inventory Management System Overview

Watch a product demonstration of Foxfire's Inventory Management System including inventory creation, non-directed putaway, inventory management, adjustments to inventory, locations-based cycle counting, and reporting/inquires using both a handheld device and a pc.

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Warehousing Software RFP Functionality Matrix

This RFP Functionality Matrix was created as a way to evaluate and tally responses from multiple WMS system vendors. In this Excel spreadsheet, numerous WMS features and modules are documented, showcasing the most important functionality in an easy to use form so you can more easily poll vendors and compare their answers side-by-side. This checklist gives anyone looking to implement a WMS software system a quick start to the RFP process. Modules and functionality covered include System Framework, Receiving, Putaway, Inventory Management, Order Management, Picking, Order Prepping, Shipping, Reporting, Standard Integration, and Implementation & Licensing.

System Overviews

Warehouse Management Software System Overview

When evaluating Warehouse Management Software for purchase, the quality and cohesiveness of information is critical to the decision-making process. With this in mind, Foxfire has compiled an in-depth overview of our system functionality, the WMS System Overview. Included in this comprehensive 50-page booklet are summaries of modules, including: Administration, System Framework, Warehouse Setup, Inbound, Inventory Management, Outbound, Order Planning, Picking, Inspection/Auditing & Order Prepping, Shipping, Export, and Reporting. This synopsis is recommended for all levels of the exploratory team, from the technical to the managerial, as valuable insight will be derived from systemic uses of a Warehouse Management Software as well as process flow methodologies.

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