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Listed below are some of the features of Foxfire's Warehouse Management Software. With a WMS, users at warehouses can focus on and streamline labeling, material handling, directed putaway, and inventory tracking. For more specific information about Foxfire WMS or WMS Express, see the details below, call Foxfire at 1.864.868.5243, or contact us.

Labeling at Plants/Warehouses

With Foxfire WMS software, customer and carrier compliant shipping labels and carton content labels are printed for all inventory, including those handled through pick-and-stick and order consolidation operations. Required shipping documents are printed on demand -- including VICS compliant Bills of Lading, Master Bills of Lading (as required), and Manifest. Small package shipping and interfacing with small package carriers, as well as load sequencing and shipment routing, are standard features. Order prepping is available in Foxfire's WMS to handle Value-Added-Service (VAS) operations to meet customer requirements -- examples include applying price stickers, repackaging, folding and re-hanging, tagging, and applying customer-specific labels to inventory items. Standard packing procedures are available to meet each WMS user's packing needs for customer and carrier compliant specifications.


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