Why Use WMS Software?

Listed below are some of the features of Foxfire's Warehouse Management Software. With a WMS System, users at warehouses can optimize inventory, reduce cycle times, and increase order fulfillment. For more specific information about Foxfire WMS warehousing software or WMS Express, see the details below, call Foxfire at 1.864.868.5243, or contact us.

Optimize Inventory

Foxfire WMS Software provides comprehensive audit trails of inventory movement from receiving to shipping as raw materials and finished goods are controlled across multiple warehouses. Using 'computer enforced task compliance' and real-time task management concepts, Foxfire WMS Software assigns, monitors, and enforces task completion -- assuring maximum inventory control and near absolute accuracy...approaching 100%. Inventory tracking and monitoring screens are available for up-to-the-minute views of in-transit and in-house inventory and movement activities. Print options and data-export capabilities (into popular formats like xml, csv, xls, etc.) give managers on-demand access to user-tailored reporting. As distribution centers are actively redefining their vendor relationships to deal with fewer trading partners along with the need to turn higher volumes of small 'floor-ready-merchandise' orders in a matter of hours rather than weeks, Foxfire Warehouse Management Software provides the logistics to respond quickly and accurately to these high velocity orders to transform the distribution "quagmire" into a significant competitive advantage.

Reduce Cycle Times

The Cycle-Counting operation is used to cycle-count inventory -- comparing the Foxfire WMS software record of inventory with actual physical inventory located in the DC. Cycle-counting may be 'directed' or 'non-directed.' Managers have the ability to generate cycle-counting tasks for designated locations. These tasks direct material-handlers (via RF devices) to cycle count specific locations and can be monitored for pro-active inventory control and assurance. These tasks may be assigned 'priorities' for processing and a suggested date-for-completion, giving managers tools to perpetually cycle count all locations, time-sensitive inventory, and fast-movers. Additionally, cycle-counting is periodically used to systematically cycle-count locations during physical inventory activities for verification with the host. Foxfire Warehousing Software provides two 'Inventory Snapshot' features, generally utilized during physical inventory of the DC -- 'Physical Inventory for Update' and 'Physical Inventory for Comparison.' Inventory quantities may be adjusted for both LPNs and picklane locations during the cycle-counting process.

Increase Order Fulfillment

The objective of the Foxfire WMS System Order Planning Module is to give DC managers the tools necessary to analyze customer order backlogs and effectively process and distribute workloads. To initiate this process, Foxfire WMS users will utilize waving criteria to filter groups of orders and assign them to waves of similar characteristics. Once waved as a group, Foxfire WMS Software will apply the same allocation rules and pick methods for these orders. Waving criteria allows users the flexibility to continue their long standing business-rules for processing orders. Predefined allocation rules identify the inventory accounting method such as FIFO, LIFO, and Efficiency thereby allowing the life cycle of the inventory to be considered. Additionally, these rules define variables that determine the locations, inventory characteristics, and picking methods necessary to accurately and efficiently allocate inventory. Establish waving criteria permits 'system automated' wave generation. Auto wave generation coupled with automated batch generation allows off-hour processing of orders. Therefore, order-picking tasks and picking documents are available on a scheduled basis to expedite order processing and shipping. User controlled order fulfillment allows user-specified allocation of inventory for orders requiring customer-specific inventory items.

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