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Foxfire Features

Foxfire's warehouse management software (WMS) makes it easier for warehouses with high order volumes to efficiently manage their inventory and operations.

The Foxfire Advantage

Flexible Feature Set


It’s hard to run a warehouse – especially when things are constantly changing. We’ve built flexibility into the core of our product so that you can always stay on top of your warehouse operations, no matter how complicated they get.

Intuitive Layout


You don’t have time to dig for the information you need. Our web-based dashboard gives real-time, management-level summaries of warehouse operations so that you can quickly see which are running smoothly and which need attention.


iPhone and Android Friendly


We know you’re always on the go. That’s why we’ve made the Foxfire WMS mobile-friendly, for both iPhone and Android. Now, you can get the data you need straight from your pocket.

Integration to Any System


Over the years, we have developed the technology and experience needed to interface with any accounting, shipping, or warehouse productivity system on the market today. 


Easy Implementation


We want the transition to your new WMS to be as painless as possible. Our team of software engineers can have you up and running in as little as 30 days so that you can quickly get back to doing what you do best.

Accurate, Real-Time Information

You can't make the best decisions without the best data. With the Foxfire WMS, you can count on accurate, real-time information to help you run your warehouse effectively.


Key Features

Cycle Counting

Our software provides the tools necessary to generate cycle count tasks for system-directed and non-directed cycle counting. With the easy-to-use mobile application, users can complete the cycle counts quickly to provide real-time inventory accuracy.


Print customer and carrier-compliant shipping and carton content labels for all inventory – including those handled through pick-and-stick and order consolidation operations. Our software automatically selects the right output for your customer’s order without any manual intervention.

Cubing (Cartonization)

Our algorithm identifies the best combination of cartons for all the lines on an order and suggests the proper carton size prior to picking so that items can be picked directly into the shipping carton.

Waving & Batching

With our WMS solution, you can group pick tickets into different sets to optimize waves and batches to best fulfill the needs of each order you receive. 


Our software helps you keep pick locations properly filled by using minimum inventory trigger levels and on-demand replenish task generation for high-demand situations.


Use Foxfire’s new shipping module to start rate shopping every shipment. With access to dozens of different carriers including UPS, USPS, and FedEx you can get the best rate possible.

Now Offering All-In Pricing 

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